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LogiTest is an open source application suite which can be used to test web sites and web applications.

Testing applications is crucial to providing user's with the best and most stable application possible. Unfortunately there are very few applications at this time for testing Internet-based applications. This is the gap that the LogiTest suite fills.

The LogiTest suite includes the following tools:


The core application in the LogiTest suite. The LogiTest application is used to record and playback single tests. LogiTest can be used to create functional and regression test for web applications using a simple graphical user interface.


LogiMonitor is used to monitor web applications and send notifications or take actions when a web application fails.

Latest Releases

LogiTest Version 0.8.1 (Released June 14, 2001)
LogiMonitor Version 0.1

Mailing Lists

There are two mailing lists:

LogiTest Announce Subscribers to this list will receive notifications when new versions of the LogiTest suite are released. Subscription / Management Archives
LogiTest Developer List for developers of the LogiTest application. This list is open to everyone. Subscription / Management Archives


LogiTest source code is available in the Source Forge CVS at You can also browse the CVS tree.

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The Source Forge page for the LogiTest suite is at

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